How to Write a Scholarship Essay: Strategies to Win a Scholarship

Writing a scholarship essaycan be a difficult task that requires much practice as well as many in-depth theoretical and practical skills. Another challenging aspect of working on a scholarship essay is that one’s funding is dependent on its success. Therefore, it is no wonder why so many students keep asking how to write a scholarship essay effectively in order to get a scholarship.


If you want to succeed in writing your scholarship essay, the task can be really challenging, tedious, and time-consuming.

  • First of all, you need to win attention of your readers and thus make your essay appealing in content and formatting.
  • Second, you need to write an essay in such a way that it meets the needs of the organization you are addressing. Remember that a scholarship essay is no “one-size-fit,” which means that you cannot write one essay and then send it to different institutions in order to ask for a scholarship.

If you plan to seek funding from different companies, you will most probably write separate essays for each of them.

Therefore, if the question how to write a scholarship essay is still topical for you, read the article below and find out invaluable tips given by expert scholarship writers.

Scholarship Essay Writing Tips

Tip 1. Start working on the scholarship application essay as early as possible

When students are assigned an essay and are given a deadline of 2-3 weeks (or even more), they do not even think of starting working on the essay right at the moment they were assigned the paper. They think that there is plenty of time ahead, and they often remember about the paper when the deadline is fast approaches – to be exact, a few days prior (in the worst-case scenario – a few hours before the submission). When it comes to a scholarship essay, procrastination is definitely not your best friend. The earlier you start working on your paper and collecting the necessary materials, the better it is for your progress and overall success.

Tip 2. Be attentive when reading instructions

When you are assigned a scholarship essay at college or university or when you are working on a scholarship essay on your own because you want to receive funding, be sure that you read ALL requirements on the instruction sheet and that you understand all the requirements correctly. Pay attention not only to content requirements but also to formatting requirements, citation style instructions, and others. It is always recommended to read the assignment sheet twice to double-check that you have understood everything properly. Always make sure that you revise and proofread the paper after it is completed. One of the best scholarship essay guidelines is to edit the paper in terms of content, grammar, punctuation, and spelling before sending it. So, make sure you do it. Scan your paper for plagiarism and use some spell checker as well. It will help you spot the mistakes.

Tip 3. Prepare a scholarship essay outline

Most students do not like writing outlines or plans. They view it as a waste of time since this is another piece of writing they have to prepare apart from the actual essay. Still, this outline or a rough draft may be really helpful for the overall paper success and the overall process of writing. When you have an extended outline, it resembles having a backbone. Thus, you spend far less time on the actual process of writing and developing arguments. When you are composing an outline, make sure you identify the main topics and provide headings and subheadings when you work on it. You may as well include some examples, arguments, and other relevant supporting evidence. Make sure that the outline contains the total number of paragraphs you need to address your essay.

Tip 4. Devise a strong and argumentative thesis statement

When working on the thesis statement for your scholarship essay, make sure that it summarizes the central idea in the best way, which means in a logical, clear, and concise way. Preferably, the thesis statement should be formulated in one sentence. Some essays start with a thesis statement while in others, it is advisable to put the thesis at the end of the introduction. You may choose whatever option you like but be sure that the subsequent paragraphs and the ideas discussed in them are closely linked to the thesis statement.

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Tip 5. Fill out the missing parts of the outline

Once you have included a thesis statement and topic sentences in your outline, be sure to fill in the other information into this essay skeleton. Particularly, think of the opening paragraph: what information would be appealing and interesting enough for your target audience? What would make your essay stand out of the crowd? What background information is worth including? Should you start the introductory paragraph with a hook? Try to think of these questions when you are composing the opening paragraph. Often, it is recommended to start the introductory paragraph by setting a scene. For example, if you want to describe some important experience that shaped you as you are now, try to include it. Make the description as detailed and clear as possible. Overall, make sure you appeal to the reader via emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Tip 6. Rewrite and revise the essay as many times as it is needed

Be ready to write numerous essay drafts. One of the key aspects of how to write a scholarship essay is to have sufficient time to revise, rewrite, revise, and rewrite once again. The final version of the essay should be impeccable, so be sure that you pluck up your patient and get ready for such tedious and time-consuming work. A good essay turns out when you revise for numerous times. Therefore, regardless of what kind of a perfectionist you are, be sure that you will spend a lot of time on working on your plans, outlines, and drafts. If you want to get some specific scholarship essay advice, have a look at thescholarship essay tipsthat were outlines by our company’s professional writers:

  • Double-check whether the essay sounds like you are retelling it. A scholarship essay is one of the best ways for your admission committee to get to know you. Therefore, sound natural and try to focus on the things that bear particular significance personally to you. Sound authentic and reflect on your qualities, values, and motifs for applying for the scholarship. Carefully read the scholarship description and try to narrate facts and ideas that your committee wants to hear.
  • Strike a balance between boasting off and modestly hiding your strengths. It is important not to sound too arrogant when writing about skills and knowledge or, on the contrary, to underestimate yourself. Pinpoint to the accomplishments you have and do not be afraid to express pride in them. However, be ready to provide specific arguments in what way they are particularly significant. Make sure not to exaggerate your attainments and successes because it is easy to double-check what you have really achieved and what stories you have made up.
  • Look through your essay and check whether you have covered each requirement on the instructions sheet.
  • Make sure you stick to the word count limits.
  • Do not merely enlist your accomplishments and successes but also provide details, such as what you did that you achieved great success, what led you to the success, what responsibilities and duties you had, what you felt when you achieved something, etc.
  • Remember that scholarship essay writing is not the same as term paper writing or dissertation writing. Sophisticated words, lengthy sentences, and overly smart phrases will do you no good here. On the contrary, try to express yourself in clear and understandable manner. Avoid using professional jargon or specific terms that may not be comprehensible by the general audience. When it comes to scholarship essay, you will not impress anyone with sophistication and flowery language. Try to sound clear, simple, and concise.
  • Check the paper before submission. Look for confusing words and try to avoid everything that distracts the audience from the essential message or idea of the essay. Make sure you have clearly identified the mission statement and objectives for getting a scholarship.
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Tip 7. Ask someone to read your essay

One of the secrets of how to write an essay for a scholarship is to ask other people to read your paper before submission. Try to ask guidance from those people who are aware at least what a scholarship essay is, how to write it, and what type of a scholarship essay can be considered successful. Among the people who could be objective when reading your essay and who could help you improve it are your professors, academic advisers or group mates. When seeking feedback from them, make sure you ask them the following questions:

  • Did the essay manage to maintain your attention?
  • Was the story interesting?
  • Was everything clear from the content?
  • Did you come across any confusing parts?
  • Did you spot any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes?
  • Were there any discrepancies in content?
  • Does the essay sound personal?
  • Is there anything you could have improved or could have written differently?

Tip 8. Revise the final draft

Having received feedback about your scholarship essay, it is crucial to revise the paper and improve it. In case you have difficulties improving your paper, you may seek scholarship essay help from professionals, where expert writers and editors are willing to give a helping hand when it comes to scholarship essay writing. They will make sure you have maintained a proper structure and have written everything according to the requirements.


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