How to Write an Essay

“How to write an essay?” is the most common question for students. When you see a blank sheet of paper in front of you or a blank page on your computer, there is not anything good about it. Even students experienced in writing essays can feel stuck, because they cannot find necessary words. Very often they ask themselves the question: “How to write good essays?”. Many students do not have a problem with the essay structure, ideas about the essay, but very often they cannot be such creative till the end of the writing process.

Here is the guide for you when you need help writing an essay. Having ideas is not enough, and that is why this guide will assist you and help you write a good and well-structured essay.


The Process of Writing Essay

To know how to write an essay, one has to have a good understanding of his subject. When your course begins, it is in your best interest to study the subject as thorough as possible, do your tasks and assignments, read about the topic when you have free time, and investigate subject’s areas which are the most interesting for you. Those people, who do everything mentioned above will succeed in writing a good essay, because when the process of essay planning begins, it will be easy for a person to take a good topic and write the essay based on it.

Find the Subject of Your Essay, Which is the Most Suitable for You

If you do not belong to students mentioned in the above category, you will have to quickly find the subject of your essay that will interest you among other essay subjects. Majority of students quickly pick a subject that they think is a good one, pick a title, research this subject, and make the plan of the essay. However, you should better understand that a more interesting essay will be created when a proper research is done. You should also plan the writing of your essay beforehand and have enough time for it. If you already have a title of your essay, you should consult with your teacher or instructor and see if your title is relevant and a good one.

The Planning of Your Essay

To write a really good essay, you should follow the following steps, and undoubtedly you will get an excellent mark:

  • You have to arrange materials of your research and classify it. See what is common between different pieces of information and evidence. Group all the information according to common topics. You should not forget what you want to achieve with writing your essay.
  • You have to plan the main body of your essay. Your essay should be structured and have arguments. Each argument has to flow from one to the next, and on the whole, the essay has to have a logical flow.
  • You should be able to plan the argument structure. Each argument has to have a detailed plan. Write down which progress of your arguments will be. By doing so you will be sure that your arguments are cohesive and clear.

When you have done all this, you can begin to write your essay.

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