How to Write an Introduction Chapter for a Dissertation

Arguably, writing a dissertation is one of the most important tasks a student is required to complete in the course of acquiring a good education. Therefore, every aspect of such a paper requires careful attention. The introduction chapter is particularly critical because of the significant bearing it has on one's overall dissertation. One of the reasons why the practice of using a professional writing service that specializes in dissertation writing is now considered acceptable in colleges and universities is that such a service - provided it is authentic and responsible - will treat each chapter of these important papers with the care and serious approach they deserve. The team at will take great care to write a correct and compelling introduction chapter for you to include in your final dissertation. It is our belief that this chapter needs to achieve a very particular goal, which is to ensure the purpose of the research work you are doing is clear to those who will be reading your paper.


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An effective introduction needs to provide historical or background information about your work and its purpose. Therefore, it needs to set out in the clearest possible manner what argument(s) you will pursue in the course of your writing. It also needs to describe what methodology you will use. Above all, this chapter should show in a way that leaves no room for doubt the professional importance of the research work described in the ensuing paper. is committed to providing its customers with the best dissertation introductions possible whenever you order these chapters from our company. The superior quality of the introductions we provide has helped make us one of the leading online dissertation writing services there is. Any introduction chapter we provide to you will properly reflect the excellent quality and value of your entire dissertation.

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How to Write an Effective Introduction Chapter for Your Dissertation

There is no doubt that the introduction in such a crucial paper will be given careful attention by your dissertation or evaluation committee. Sometimes, it is best not to write this chapter until last. However, since an introduction often helps to make everything clearer in the writer's mind, it is a good idea to write it at the beginning. While writing, you should adhere to the structure and content of the dissertation proposal you submitted as a prelude.

A good introduction should at least endeavor to address the "how," "why," and "what" questions. More specifically, this opening chapter should provide an explanation about the topic you will be examining and set out your paper's main argument. In the second place, you should use the introduction to state the rationale behind your work and/or how it is original. You should also briefly describe the research methodology you will use as well what theoretical approach you will take (although you will discuss this in greater depth in subsequent chapters).

When writing your dissertation or dissertation proposal's introduction, you should aim to put the research problem into context in as concise a manner as possible not least because this is considered best practice in a project of this magnitude. In most cases - if not all - the introduction is presented as the first chapter and it is prudent to address such questions as: Does a problem exist? What is the problem? Is it necessary to solve this problem? Do you have any hunch or any idea about a hypothesis? Who will benefit from the investigative work you intend to undertake? In what way will anyone benefit? In what way will your investigation help or contribute to existing knowledge? How do you plan on solving the research problem? For example, will you collect and analyze relevant data? What are the methods you intend to use?

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Something that is worth noting is that one of the most critical parts of a dissertation is the part where the writer states the main objectives of the paper. This is because both the reader and the subsequent investigation are guided by the objectives and they clarify what the work seeks to achieve. In a similar manner, it is important to remember that this chapter introduces the reader to the subject. This, therefore, makes it necessary to put the issue or problem into context and to explain why it should be of interest to readers. In reality, any historical or background information can be covered in other parts of the paper.

You should not use any jargon in a dissertation's introduction and you should attempt to use simpler language than is usual in subsequent chapters. Furthermore, an introductory chapter should not be cluttered up with references and citations. Remember that this is, essentially, a summary of your study.

As you get near the end of your introduction chapter, let readers know what they can expect in the subsequent chapters and in what sequence. In essence, your aim should be to indicate the structure of the upcoming work, one chapter at a time in sequential order.

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