How to Write a Literature Review Chapter for a Dissertation

Virtually every substantial and important piece of research work is founded on a sophisticated and meticulous literature review. Therefore, this chapter is a critical component in an authentic and well-regarded dissertation. If you want your literature review to showcase your scholarly achievements, the process requires a range of skills such as the ability to plan carefully, retrieve relevant information, evaluate collected information, and write an effective paper.

An effective literature review is one that is thorough in nature and covers every aspect of the topic being researched. Primary, secondary, and tertiary sources should be shown in separate lists. However, writing a good literature review chapter involves more than just compiling a list of the sources one finds. As a vital part of your research work, this should develop in a way that shapes your entire research project. Once this part of the process is complete, you should have a full and final report to integrate into your dissertation.


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Reviewing Literature is One of the First Stages in Writing a Good Dissertation

While the task of selecting a topic for a thesis or dissertation might be fairly easy, the process of formulating specific and realistic research questions often calls for a lot of thought and a great deal of investigative work. In most cases, the literature review for a dissertation is one of the most challenging aspects of writing a dissertation. Essentially, this represents the foundation stone for a sound research. Reviewing available literature for a dissertation involves examining a range of academic materials e.g. articles, books, conference papers, websites, and other sources. It is this that creates the link with the subject or issue the writer is dealing with. There is no doubt that this is a prominent and vital component of writing a dissertation and it is generally seen as the first step in the process. Indeed, when a writer makes this task their first priority, not only will it help them to properly and prudently plan their project while examining similar types of work, but it additionally helps to set their expectations with regards to the outcome of their study.

To start with, a review of existing literature can help the writer design their study by being able to narrow down the problem they are addressing. By looking at previous studies, you should be able to learn how other scholars found worthwhile avenues of investigation within quite wide fields. There is little point in reinventing a particular wheel. Instead, by reviewing existing literature, it makes sense to use your time trying to find out how previous researchers identified effective ways to do similar types of research. Additionally, a review of available literature can help you find new avenues to explore e.g. by determining what work has already been undertaken and what has not. Something else that is worth bearing in mind is that a review of literature will describe any studies or experiments that were done repeatedly using similar methods. Hence, you will learn about various experiments that delivered no significant results so you will know that it would be pointless to repeat them.

Above all, the process of reviewing literature gives the reviewer a great deal of insight. For example, noting any methodologies that were previously used can give you tips on how best to approach or undertake your own study. Additionally, this process can help ensure the study you do is a grounded one. This means first collecting data before you build or develop a theory around that data. Then, by reviewing available literature, you will be in a better position to know what to focus on when examining your data and what to expect at the end. In addition, for all the reasons given above, a review of literature really is the first crucial step in writing a dissertation.

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