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One of the most common forms of tests is a multiple-choice questions assessment. Professors tend to love them, as they are quite easy to prepare, easy to grade and can examine basic knowledge effectively. But if you are a student, you know that there is no middle way in this guessing game - you either get it right or you fail. If your course grade depends on one test, it might be quite a challenge for any student. And that is when and how can help a student like you.   

Generally, MCQs test is a form of assessment that is used both in traditional and online education and consists of the questions with the list of alternatives to choose from. Such test is designed to examine your knowledge of terms, concepts and basic ideas.

Multiple-Choice Questions Exam

Sometimes you may find answer options like ‘all of the above’ that may address complex phenomena. However, if you have skipped a lecture or two, or your professor tends to fail to explain the material properly you may find it extremely challenging to complete something as simple as multiple-choice questions.

How to Get Your Multiple Choice Questions?
  1. Your place an order.
  2. Proceed with payment.
  3. We conduct in-depth research.
  4. We write your multiple choice questions from scratch.
  5. We send the finished multiple choice questions according to the deadline.

Who May Need Our Help with Multiple-Choice Questions? offers professional assistance in answering MCQs within a wide range of academic disciplines to students of various academic levels (from high school to Ph.D.). If you have too many questions to answer and lack time to do it yourself, if your revision requires answering hundreds of questions and you do not have time to do the research or you simply have a problem with exams, you can always count on us to save your academic career. 

How Much will a Multiple-Choice Question Test Cost?

We determine the price for every order based on the following criteria:

  • Academic level: we can cover high school tests, college and university exams as well as Masters and Ph.D. assessments. Please choose the respectful level so we can assign an expert with appropriate knowledge and experience. 
  • Deadline: the longest available deadline is 11 days; however, we can handle also order in 5 or 2 days, as well as urgent help requests of 3 and 6-hour deadline. For more detailed information please check our Pricing Policy
  • Number of pages: we have established that 1 page equals 5 MCQs, which means that if you have 30 questions, you will have to order 6 pages. 

For example, for a test that consists of 20 questions (4 pages) and needs to be submitted in 7 days, a college student will have to pay $71.96, whereas the same test would cost a university student $79.96. However, if you received a discount code or you have a lifetime discount, the price will be lower.

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How to Order Professional Help with MCQs Exam?

Our ordering process is pretty simple and will take less than 5 minutes of your time. Once you have opened an order form, you will see that it consists of 2 parts:

  1. Provide your personal information. We ask our clients to provide an e-mail address and a phone number so that we could inform you about the progress of your order and send you occasional e-mails about promotional campaigns. Remember, that your e-mail will be used for your authentication and as your lifetime discount code (see Discounts section for more information); 
  2. Describe the order you need. Choose the subject, select Multiple-choice questions as the desired type of assignment, select your level and the number of pages needed. Please, remember that you have to attach the file with the questions list as you form your order. If you are not interested in any additional services, click Proceed and pay for your order. 

That is it! Once we receive your payment, we will assign the most suitable expert to work on your test. Once the deadline is over, you will be able to download your answers from Membership Area on our website. 

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As you can see, the process is easy and you will have your answers delivered straight to your inbox within the given deadline. If you have any other questions, please check our FAQ section or contact our Support Team (the quickest way to get your answers is via live chat). All the details of our cooperation are kept confidential, so you do not have to worry about us disclosing your personal information. In case you are in need of timely, personalized and affordable help with your tests and exams, then is your best choice.

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