Multiple Choice Test Sample

Online portals on professors' sites have recently become a popular and convenient way of submitting home tasks and other assignments. Besides, students can also find there a multiple choice test sample if they need to prepare for some tests. Obviously, such online portals are great platforms for sharing and exchanging different kinds of information: students can upload different materials as well as use different samples for their own benefit if they need to prepare for exams. When talking about multiple choice practice tests, students should be aware that some of such tests are times while others are not. Another interesting fact about making a multiple choice test is that many students just love it as they find it quite easy to figure out one right answer among the provided 3-4 options. On the contrary, there is a category of students who become dumbstruck as soon as they see the first multiple choice question on the test sheet. As a rule, it is the feeling of nervousness and anxiety that is the main obstacle on the way to a good mark for the multiple choice test as often students fail even if they know the material perfectly.

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  1. Specify which discipline you are taking the test in. Provide us with details on the topic. For example, if you have multiple questions in philosophy, try to specify which period or which philosophers your tests will be about.
  2. Indicate the academic level of your writing (college, Master's, PhD, etc.).
  3. Provide technical and formal information about the test itself, for example the number of questions, the number of options (in general), whether the test is times or not).
  4. Specify the number of attempts you can use when taking the test and the time limit (if provided).

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