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Writing Non Plagiarism Essays Is as Easy as ABC

You may be well aware of the negative consequences of plagiarism in academic writing. If the student is accused of plagiarism, he/she will never receive a satisfactory grade. Moreover, if the plagiarism is found in such an important paper as a dissertation, the student can even be expelled from the college. If you realize the danger of plagiarism, you should also understand the importance of submitting non plagiarism essays. Besides, you need to know the common types of plagiarism to be able to avoid all of them in your papers.

Deliberate Plagiarism

Deliberate plagiarism implies the attempt to pass the work of another writer as your own. Indeed, it is the most serious form of plagiarism that is strictly punished in any educational institution.


This type of plagiarism is not easily found since it is more strategic than the simple deliberate plagiarism. The smart plagiarizer reads the text and then paraphrases it word by word without changing its meaning. The teacher may find the plagiarism traces only after the thorough comparison of the two texts. Of course, this type of plagiarism is also deliberate.


Perhaps, bluffing is the sneakiest type of plagiarism. It involves reading the text, taking the most interesting ideas and presenting them in your essay using the different words. You are pretending that you have ownership but you know that the opinions and viewpoints resented in your paper belong to other people.

Stitching Sources

This type of plagiarism is the lightest one. It occurs when the student uses the information correctly but fails to format the sources properly. However, if you want to submit non plagiarism essays only, you have to pay attention to the things that can be plagiarized. For instance, if you use a direct quote, you have to make sure that it is cited properly in accordance with the formatting style required. Though it is not deliberate, but accidental, it is still plagiarism.

Using the Copy of Your Own Work

Even if you do not consider it as plagiarism, we assure you that it is. If you did not steal the work of others, submitting the same thoughts and ideas in different papers is forbidden by the academic standards. You cannot get two grades for the same work, so you have to submit two original papers.

If you are not sure if your paper is plagiarized and wonder, “Did I plagiarize?” we suggest you run your paper on several plagiarism checkers available online. In order to get the best grades, follow our suggestions and submit non plagiarism essays only!

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