Our Affiliate Program

The affiliate option offered by Best-Writing-Service.net is very flexible and allows customers to earn money by referring other people to our services. It enables you to earn a 10% fee on each transaction while everyone you refer will get a discount when they first place orders with our company!

How to Take Part

To take part in this program, you will need a personal account on our website, which is established when you use our services for the first time. Once your account is set up, you simply need to share the discount code or affiliate link you will find there with your friends. You can share these by any means you find convenient e.g. via email, social media, etc. Then, when your friends click on the link or use the code when ordering, the Best-Writing-Service.net system will recognize the code or link has come from you.

As soon as your friends enter the code or follow your affiliate link, our order page will appear. While completing the order form, the first-time discount code will be applied. This part of the process is an automatic one and it is the means by which the people you refer get their first orders at a discounted price.

When orders are processed and your friends’ payments are received, we give you a cut – 10% - on each transaction. Money earned in this way can be spent on any orders you place in the future.


Therefore, joining Best-Writing-Service.net’s affiliate program and earning extra money is easy. Simply pass on a special code or affiliate link to your friends. They will then get a first-time discount when they use the code or link and you earn a fee. Everyone benefits!