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Types of Editing (Learning Workshop)

You have written your paper and now you want to edit it. Probably, you need to fix a few typos or rewrite some parts of your essay. As you may guess, there are various types of editing, and the following guide will help you learn the essentials of some of them. Sometimes, the students need to apply to a few types of editing to submit a brilliant essay. Indeed, to recognize the type of editing needed, one should read the written paper carefully.


To understand what type of editing writing is needed, one should read the manuscripts thoroughly paying attention to all details. This approach will help evaluate the paper properly and select the right character of changes needed. When it comes to the points that should be taken into consideration, we recommend you to pay attention to grammar, spelling, syntax, flow, spacing, punctuation, structure, etc. In case of fiction paper, one should consider the dialogue, plot structure, and characterization.

Substantive editing implies heavy editing that aims to improve the overall structure of the paper so that it could sound more clear and coherent. When doing the substantive editing, the editor should check the style of writing and tone. Structural editing focuses mainly on the correct organization of ideas and the flow of the content. Sometimes, to make the essay better, one just needs to rearrange information is a better way. The structural editing will ensure that your plot is developed in a compelling manner, your arguments make sense, and all data is conveyed logically and accurately.

If you are running your business, you definitely deal with the old marketing projects that need to be improved. Developmental editing focuses on supervising and coordinating the projects from the very concept to the ready product. Such a type of editing will include cooperation with the marketing experts, designers, and other writers, when the situation demands. Being involved in this type of editing, the writer needs to create a schedule and cost estimate in accordance with the budget and deadline.

Copy editing is the most frequently requested type of editing. This editing implies editing grammar, standardizing spelling, punctuation, and other mechanical errors. Besides, the editor will make some improvements to the style and facts. This editing also includes the work with headings and references.

Sometimes, the text does not need the improvements to mechanics. It should be simply rewritten in a completely different style. Besides, very often, the text should be rewritten in a simpler or a more complex manner. A competent editor will not only rewrite the paper word-by-word but also fix all logical gaps and inconsistencies. In some cases, rewriting requires additional research of the relevant sources necessary for the proper topic development.

This type of editing assumes checking the accuracy of all facts mentioned in the essay, as well as the references used. Fact checking is a very important stage since it helps avoid inaccuracy, which significantly spoils the final outcome. Keep in mind that even though the facts may be known to many people, they should be supported with the relevant evidence. Also, this type of editing requires re-checking all the quotes used. As such, the editor will check if all sources that are used in the paper appear in the reference list; if all of them are appropriate, and if the sources are relevant, credible, and not too old.

This type of editing implies finding the plagiarism traces in the paper and fixing them immediately. As such, the editor needs to check the paper on several different plagiarism checkers and see what sentences are shown as plagiarized. One can find many free plagiarism checkers available online. Remember that plagiarism is a serious crime in the academic writing. Therefore, every thought or opinion taken from the outside sources should be properly referenced in accordance with the formatting style required.

Sometimes, proofreading is confused with copy editing, though these types of editing are pretty different. Proofreading is usually done after serious editing when the paper is approved in terms of style and content. A proofreader is usually concerned with grammatical, punctuation, and structural errors. Also, this type of editing includes accuracy of headers, page numbers, page breaks, appropriate use of tables, and other details.

If you feel that this task is too tough for you, keep in mind that there are many free essay editing services available online, where you can get some assistance. However, we recommend you to avoid relying on these services totally, since they do only mechanical check, and thus, can skip many important details.

All in all, we assure you that the importance of editing cannot be underestimated. You should realize that all these types of editing are very important and involve serious work. However, at the same time, by mastering at least some of them, you will significantly improve your writing and editing proficiency.

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