Privacy Policy

Our company thanks you for your interest in our services and for the time you spent looking at what we offer. Our administration staff has made security and privacy of personal data their top priority. We constantly do everything in our power to safeguard your information from getting lost, stolen or misused. The information we gather and its primary purposes are described below.

In order to ensure effective cooperation with users of our service, we collect data on:

  • Our clients
  • Visitors to our site

Our server collects such information as:

  • Time of client access
  • Browser type used
  • Operating system (OS) type used

We use all collected data purely for the purpose of customizing and amending the information on our website and on improving the layout of this information. The nature of the data does not allow us to expose the client’s identity. We do not disclose, share or sell any information gathered by this method.

How Do We Use Cookies?

Primarily, we use cookies to improve the navigational features of our website. However, cookies are also useful for collecting information on site traffic, how our site is used and for gathering other statistical data.

Contact Information

We ask customers to provide such contact details as:

  • Their name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

We ask for contact information as part of our website sign-up procedure. The information that clients provide is used only for completing orders and/or when any clarification is required such as if we need essential information or if our writer wants you to approve a particular topic. Therefore, we appreciate it when customers leave accurate information because this allows us to get the clarifications we need to deliver the standard of service you deserve. Access to personal data is available to our own employees only and it is not published, shared, sold or revealed to anyone outside our company.

Transaction Processing

The methods of payment we use are highly secure and reliable and do not allow billing or other sensitive data to be disclosed. To combat Internet-type fraud, our Finance Department is also likely to ask clients for identification.

Customers’ Rights

You have the right to ask for any profile information we hold on you to be edited, replaced or deleted. Simply contact our customer support representatives to implement any necessary changes.