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A research paper is a common assignment in colleges and universities, which is favored by many professors. If you are a student, the chances to write a research paper are extremely high. Of course, you can order a research paper for sale online or you can economize your savings and write a wonderful paper on your own. We assure you that learning the effective secrets gathered by our professional experts you will be able to improve your research paper writing skills. When writing a research paper, you have to understand how to do a proper research, synthesize information, as well as present your findings in a clear and logical manner. As you may see, writing a research paper is quite a difficult task, but we will help you cope with it successfully.


Of course, if you have no time, you can get a research paper for sale. However, if you can spend some time on writing, we encourage you to do it since it will increase your writing proficiency. The essential thing you should know about writing a research paper is that the most successful examples have the hourglass structure. It means that at the very beginning, the writer should present the general background information and then narrow down the topic. Finally, the paper again becomes general as the writer needs to apply his/her findings to the particular discipline. There are many types of research papers and all of them have different peculiarities. However, we assure you that the underlying structure is the same for all these types.

The parts of a research thesis mentioned below are the building blocks of every research paper:

  1. Introduction;
  2. Methods;
  3. Results;
  4. Discussion;
  5. Conclusion;
  6. Reference list.
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Let Us Focus on the Main Components of a Research Paper in Detail


Many students reasonably consider writing the introduction as setting the direction for the whole paper, which is necessary for understanding the primary purpose of the paper. For the audience, an introduction serves as a brief summary of the paper. It helps to understand the writer`s goals and learn the background information about the topic. Some students prefer to write an introduction when the paper is written. Such a reverse approach can be very useful since it will help make the introduction meaningful and straightforward.

No matter what approach you chose, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • In your introduction, give a brief presentation of the research problem.
  • Your introduction should clearly state what goals you are going to achieve in your research paper.
  • Your introduction should clearly state your position.

General Presentation

First and foremost, you need to understand that your research paper needs to shed light on the problem that was not solved previously. Perhaps, the other researchers failed to consider it or found it too difficult to find the appropriate solution since they skipped the critically important facts.

Purpose of the Paper

You do not have to state your research problem separately but it should be evident from the information you provide. Every writer should define the place of the research problem on his/her own, but usually, it has the form of the thesis statement and is the last sentence of the introduction. As well as in any other academic assignment, an introduction should contain a thesis statement or a research question that will define the overall scope of the paper. Ideally, this thesis statement should be related to every chapter of your research paper and define your direction.

Statement of Intent

Undoubtedly, your audience does not want to read the long research paper without acknowledging its purpose. As such, you have to let the reader know a concise idea of your intention before he/she will surf through your research paper. This section is usually written after the careful literature review is done. Probably, only after checking the literature available, you will understand what points you want to discuss in your paper.


Perhaps, this section is the easiest one compared to others since it outlines the methods used in your research. In this section, you do not have to invent a bicycle but just inform the readers what forms and methods you used in your research. You should know that the specific methodology depends on the field of research, as well as the type of experiment. For instance, there is a huge difference in the methodologies of the social sciences and physical sciences. When writing your methodology section, you may assume that your reader may already know the essentials, so you do not have to spend much time and efforts explaining every detail. As such, you always have to keep in mind who is your target audience. It means that if you write a nursing research paper, and your target audience consists of the nursing students, you do not have to present the deep analysis of the methods chosen. Brief information about the equipment will be enough.


A results section is probably the most variable section in any research paper since it mainly depends on the aim of the researcher and his/her key findings. As such, the quantitative research will present the numerical results, whereas the qualitative research will cover a broader scope of aspects. If the researcher managed to achieve the significant results, he or she should better present the findings in the forms of tables, lists, etc. Also, the researcher needs to link these parts together with the help of commentaries. Please, note that if your results are isolated from each other, you will never achieve the desired outcome.

If you want to reach success, you have to avoid repeating yourself. We assure you that giving the brief overview of the data and then expanding it into a discussion, suggesting your own opinions and interpretations, is the best approach of writing a successful research paper.


A discussion is the most interesting part of your research paper in which you present various viewpoints regarding the same problem. Ideally, each point should be discussed individually. Keep in mind that each of your arguments should be supported by the strong, sound, and relevant evidence.


A conclusion is a very important part of your research paper in which you need to relate your findings with the findings of other researchers within the scope of the discipline. The length of the conclusion depends on the length of the whole essay. It means that in a short research paper, the conclusion will take one-two paragraphs. However, in a complex dissertation, the conclusion may take up to one-two pages. Apart from presenting the important results, a conclusion should also point out to the theoretical and practical value of the research and explain how the results can be applied. Some researchers divide the conclusion and recommendations into two different sections while others prefer to include the recommendations in a conclusion. If you are not sure about what approach will be more effective, we recommend you to ask your professor for advice.

Reference List

First and foremost, you have to understand that all sources you use need to appear in the reference list. Second, the list should be carefully formatted in accordance with the formatting style required. Therefore, if the prompt requires APA, feel free to download a good APA manual and follow the guidelines.

In conclusion, you have to understand that all chapters of a research paper require much attention. We assure you that spending enough time on research paper writing, you will receive the outcome worth all these efforts. Following our guidelines, you will not have to receive a research paper for sale online because your own paper will be a perfect example of research paper writing.

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