Great Tips on Writing a Results Section for a Dissertation

In any research project, and especially in dissertation projects, the results section is critical. The professional writers at have assisted many doctoral-level students to write this chapter of their dissertation papers.

In a dissertation, the results section is seen as one of the more essential sections. It is where the writer must undertake an accurate and detailed statistical analysis, examine assumptions, and report on their findings. When the analysis is complete, it is necessary to present the results of the research work in a manner that clearly supports or does not support any hypotheses set out at the beginning. It is important the writer has an appropriate amount of expertise in statistical analysis in order to set out their results effectively and to then defend them.


Expert Help in Writing a Results Section for a Dissertation

The experts at are able to help you complete the results section for your dissertation in the ways described below:

We Can Help You Manage Collected Data

Entering, coding and cleaning data: We begin the results section of your dissertation by importing any data you have compiled in an Excel spreadsheet into a statistical analysis program such as SPSS. (Additionally, if your data is in some other format, we can use stat-transfer.) When we have the data entered in SPSS, it is necessary to label all variables and assign levels to them (for example, female=1, male=2). Typically, the cleaning of data involves addressing any values that are missing, assessing the linearity of data, and the screening of data for multivariate and univariate outliers.

Analysis of Statistical Data

Our experts will analyze any statistical data for your results section: In truth, there are a number of forms that analyses can actually take. In most cases, almost all in fact, the results chapter in a dissertation includes descriptive analysis of any demographic data (e.g. percentages, frequencies, means, and standard deviations). These chapters usually discuss the reliability of other element such as composite scores. Thereafter, any analyses should focus on looking at the research paper's hypotheses by addressing, assessing, and providing a report on any assumptions made in the analysis. Then it is necessary to perform and report on any statistical outputs that are relevant to this particular chapter.

Writing up of results: It is important to present a dissertation's results section in logical order. Our writers deal with any descriptives first followed by any analyses results that address the paper's hypotheses. All figures and tables should be formatted in the APA style (6th edition). This important chapter should have a smooth flow so that readers do not need to stop to try and work out why a particular analysis was necessary. The old adage says that "easy reading" is the result of hard writing. Therefore, you should aim to ensure it is easy for your dissertation committee to read the results section of your paper.

We Make Sure You Understand the Results You Obtained

All statistics should be explained: It is essential for anyone who writes a dissertation to be in a position to defend and explain every single word in their results section. The experts at are very knowledgeable - our team is made up of methodologists and statisticians as well as teachers. Therefore, they make absolutely sure you fully understand all the work that was done, the reason(s) for doing it, and what the results imply.

The Presentation of Results

We create all figures and tables in the APA formatting style. A lot of graduate-level students run into difficulty when it comes to creating figures and tables but these are important when writing up a results section. The 6th ed. of the APA style is altered from the previous (5th) edition, but the experts at will ensure that all data is presented correctly. In the later edition, for instance, more emphasis is placed on the way confidence intervals are reported and there has been considerable modification to the way regression tables are presented.

Editing of dissertations: The results section of a dissertation should be properly edited and this is something we can do. In fact, we can check your work for basic grammar, punctuation, paragraph structure, style, and correct use of the APA style.

The statistical software programs used at include AMOS, LISREL, M-Plus, SAS, and SPSS and we additionally use NVIVO for the analysis of qualitative-type statistical data.

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