Scholarship Essay Format: The Basics

Writing as well as structuring a scholarship essay is both easy and complex at the same time. You need to pay special attention to your scholarship essay format. In most cases, our customers ask us to assist them with preparing their essays and papers. They look for effective advice regarding the basic scholarship essay format and we do our best to help them in timely manner. We have also prepared a list of tips that will definitely help you understand how to format a scholarship essay.

In case you need to write a scholarship paper, you need to be careful with everything including the formatting style. It is a well-known fact that usually you can choose any topic for your scholarship essay. However, some colleges and universities require a certain subject and a certain topic for writing a scholarship paper. It is also important to understand that statements can change depending on the essay questions. At the same time, the essay topics will not be altered. First, you need to know how to format an essay for a scholarship. Usually, scholarship committee is strict about content, writing style and format. A lot of committee members will pay their attention to paper format prior to starting reading it. That is why it is essential to use the right scholarship essay format as a pro.


Formatting Your Scholarship Essay

Tips on how to format your paper or essay:

  • Read the initial instructions and format your essay according to them;
  • As soon as you have completed your essay, use quality paper for printing it out. That is why your essay will definitely stand out of the crowd.
  • Use legible font when writing your paper. Usually the following types of fonts are used in academic writing: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana.
  • The font size should be proper as well. Unless you are given specific instructions, you are free to use 10-12 point for writing your paper.
  • Prior to printing out your essay, make sure there is enough ink in your printer. Your paper should be neat.
  • Do not fold your paper in order to put it a small envelope. Instead, you can use larger envelope and avoid folding your paper. If there is a particular request to use a small envelope then you need to follow it without hesitations.
  • Edit your essay; correct all grammatical and stylistic mistakes.
  • Ask your friend or teacher to review your essay prior to printing it out. Do not ignore format for scholarship essay and ask for assistance if you cannot cope with it in your own.
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Every essay begins from Introduction. There are a lot of styles of writing an introduction. Make sure you provide rich data and use correct writing format. You can find samples of scholarship essay and check out how to write your own. Usually, there are three types of introductions:

General Statement. This type of introduction refers to the overall statement. It provides a grand position, and then discloses details. As a result, the topic is expanded gradually.

Subject with a Quotation. Usually quotation helps to attract readers’ attention. However, you need to provide an explanation of its meaning after you present it in the introduction. A good quote is considered a strong impulse for a reader to continue reading your essay.

Anecdote/Allegory Use. Usually you can begin your introduction with a short anecdote or a story. Make sure that it serves as an allegory and its meaning is catching.

Avoid the following in your introductory paragraph:

  • Do not use long and too sophisticated words. Make sure your introductory paragraph is natural.
  • Do not begin your essay with direct quotes. Use your own words for introduction. It will help your personality to be more open for the audience.
  • Do not state obvious things. It will not help you to attract readers’ attention.
  • Do not introduce yourself in your essay. It is not a letter and you should remember this.

Do not forget about values and principles of the college you write your paper for. You should express your personality to the potential readers properly. Of course, it is vital to remain yourself. However, your task is to prove that you have qualities that can be appreciated by your potential readers.

It is also recommended to adapt your statement for various scholarships. Prior to writing your paper, you need to comprehend essay questions and writing instructions.

Main Body

  • The second important part of every essay is Main Body. You need to provide a discussion of the essential matters of your paper. You need to present the question subject in the slightest details. Focus on your personality.
  • Write about vital things that happened in your life.
  • Write about goals that you have.
  • Provide a particular example that proves that you possess certain characteristics that make you a strong individual.
  • You can also write about you activities behind your school. If you have volunteering or any other positive experience, you need to mention it in your essay.
  • Focus on explaining why you need the scholarship. In addition, it should be explained how it will improve your life in future.


Here your task is to wrap up readers’ attention. Conclusion should provide a full look of your essay. It is important to summarize all your findings and finish your essay in a logical manner. Focus on writing about positive changes in your life related to college education. Show gratitude to everyone who paid attention to your essay. Do not be idealistic when writing essay conclusion. Do not forget about correct scholarship essay format.

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