Fifty Process Essay Topics

Choosing Topic Ideas for “How to” Essays

The primary purpose of certain types of essays is to allow the writer the opportunity to set out their views on a particular subject. The different genres of assignment have different purposes where some have the aim of informing, persuading, entertaining or explaining how to do something i.e. a process. This latter type of essay tells readers how to produce or solve some given thing by explaining it one step at a time. A successful essay of the process variety guides those who read it through a sequence of steps to help them learn how to accomplish some task. The process style of writing can take any one of two forms, one of which is the type of essay that demonstrates a process or how something works while the other type explains how something is produced. If, for instance, you wanted to describe how to do something, the topic could be something as simple as explaining how to repair some item such as some type of computer equipment. In this genre of writing, the writer provides their readers with a detailed description of the steps required to complete a particular task. The other type of process writing describes how some given thing works. Not only is the primary purpose of a process essay to inform readers but also to provide sufficient detail so that readers can understand a given process and repeat it themselves to achieve the same results.  

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List of Fifty Process Essay Topics for a “How to” Essay

  1. You have just bought a new smartphone for one of your grandparents. Now explain to them, one step at a time, how to use it.
  2. Explain in detail how people can cope with stress in the workplace.
  3. Describe the first steps to quitting smoking.
  4. Describe in explicit terms how high school students can benefit from having pocket calculators.
  5. Explain step-by-step how to make a salad sandwich.
  6. Describe how people can avoid a recurring nightmare.
  7. Describe the process of writing an admissions letter for college or university.
  8. Explain what people can do to remain safe in a new environment or somewhere they are not familiar with.
  9. Explain how people can look fashionable and stylish on a restricted budget.
  10. Think of yourself as a magician. Now explain to your audience, one step at a time, how to perform some act of magic.
  11. Describe the process for building sand castles.
  12. Write a step-by-step guide to making cookies.
  13. Explain to students what they need to take into account when choosing a major.
  14. Write an advisory guide on avoiding procrastination.
  15. Write a guide on "avoiding stressful situations."
  16. Explain how to devise an effective lesson plan for teaching math to preschool children.
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  1. Describe how to make good ice cream with a minimal amount of sugar.
  2. Write a detailed guide to planning a great birthday party.
  3. Explain how students can make friends at a new school or college.
  4. Write a guide to taking good photos with a smartphone.
  5. Describe the steps required to campaign for a political position in your locality.
  6. Describe the most vital steps communities can take to reduce air pollution in the environment.
  7. Describe the official complaints process for someone, say, who has been mistreated by a member of the police force.
  8. Explain the process of searching the Internet for academic articles/journals.
  9. Explain to parents how to toilet train a child.
  10. Describe what is involved in making an action or adventure movie.
  11. Write a guide on getting along with someone who is difficult to live with.
  12. Explain why small children get recurring nightmares.
  13. Provide a step-by-step guide to making rye bread.
  14. Describe the process for adopting a child in the country you live in.
  15. Describe the essential steps required to write an effective essay.
  16. Explain how to manage finances effectively so that people can save some money.
  1. Describe how to write a film review.
  2. Write a guide to starting a small enterprise on a limited budget.
  3. Explain how to undertake a qualitative study with people as subjects.
  4. Describe what a multinational company can do to survive a recession while retaining its workforce i.e. without making anyone redundant.
  5. Write a guide on how to become a good public speaker.
  6. Describe what activities a teenager could become involved in to improve their confidence and self-esteem.
  7. Explain how plants produce oxygen and how they use it.
  8. Provide a guide to surviving difficult times, particularly in times when jobs are limited.
  9. Explain to a friend how they can put someone they do not like off without causing any hurt.
  10. Write a simple guide on how to start a fashion blog for a teenage audience.
  11. Explain how someone could start selling cosmetics online.
  12. Explain the process for installing some new software on a desktop or laptop computer.
  13. Write a guide on how to avoid sleepless nights without the help of medicines.
  14. Produce a step-by-step guide to staying fit without missing essential meals.
  15. Explain how addiction to alcohol can develop and how this can be overcome.
  16. Explain the process for getting a scholarship for studying overseas.
  17. Describe the essential steps to learning a second language.
  18. Describe the preparation one needs to do to run a long race or marathon.
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