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What is a lab report? It is a summary of what you have done in the lab and an analysis of what you have understood. It is more than a mere presentation of the obtained results as it is also a demonstration of the student’s insight into the studied concepts. What does the instructor take into account, evaluating the assignment? It should be formatted correctly, the ideas should be presented in a logical order, and the materials used should be arranged properly to ensure the natural flow. It is always useful to have a look at the required layout if the instructor provides one. Contacting our lab report writing service, do not forget to include all that into the instructions for the lab writer!


Proper Format of Lab Reports

Issue 1 Title Page

The mandatory constituents of a title page are an informative descriptive title, which is supposed to give the explanation of the lab purpose, the student’s name and number, the name and number of the student’s partner, and the name of the teacher’s lab assistant. Do not forget that the title cannot be excessively lengthy. The average length of the title is up to ten words. Besides, the title page should include the date and time of the lab section as well as the due date for the lab report assignment. 

Issue 2 Introduction

The initial section of the lab report is its introduction that is supposed to let the reader gain a general idea of the lab report. Therefore, the first several sentences should cover the main objective or purpose of the lab report presented in a concise manner. The average length of the introduction is one-two pages. The readers should also get to know about the reasons for the experiment and its value. The students should provide the readers with an overall understanding of the key aspects of the experiment and its key concepts.

Writing a lab report, one has to comprise all the formulas and main concepts into the introductory part. The readers need to get consistent background information to gain an insight into the main concepts the results imply and the definitions of all the terms not in common use. If the student specified the terms and presents the essential concepts for the readers, it is a demonstration of his or her understanding of the essence the experiment has along with its overall procedure.

Issue 3 Obtained Results

The section of results contains the graphs designed to present the data. It is crucial to ensure the labeling of the graphs and providing proper descriptive titles, plot numbers, and titles for the axes. In case the lab implied having calculations, it is a must for the student to include those calculations along with the trial results. Following the lab report template, you will see that the next calculations will just be in line with the already available calculations presented like that, “Similarly, trial 2 had the unknown ...”

Moreover, the answers to all the questions from the lab manual should be given in this section as they show how well you have understood the experiment concepts.  

Issue 4 Discussion

The purpose of the lab report is typically presented at the beginning of the discussion section in the first sentence or two. The main purpose of the discussion is to give a summary of the obtained results and include all the detected unknowns with a comparison between the obtained results and the expected ones. One of the essential elements of this section is the interpretation of the obtained results in the form of analysis. Try to conclude whether there are any improvements to be made in the procedure, whether there are any mistakes, and whether the accuracy of the results is perfect.

Issue 5 Conclusion

The average length of the conclusion is no longer than one page, although it can be as short as one paragraph. The main aim of the conclusion is to present the main purpose, results, and found unknowns.

Issue 6 List of References

Have a look at a good sample lab report to know how you can do the citing of all the required references. Proper formatting is a must for getting a good grade. Moreover, you are supposed to have a full reference list with all the citations throughout the report included.

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Typical Mistakes of Lab Report Writers

Length of the Title 

It is wrong to use the whole sentence as a title although it still has to be descriptive. Excessively short titles should be supplemented with additional keywords as the title should mention the experiment's purpose for sure. It is necessary to edit excessively long titles as well. It is possible to do that by removing articles, prepositions, and different unnecessary words. Still, you have to make sure that the readers will understand your lab report title!

Right Tense

It is generally accepted that the past tense is typical of writing lab reports in all the sections except the introduction with the present tense used. You can make your decision to use present tense throughout the section of discussion as well, but you have to ensure its consistency.

Proofreading and Spell Checking

If you have understood how to write a lab report and you are ready with it, it is time to start reading it aloud to hear and see the flaws in organization and clarity, if any. 

Time Management

There is no other mistake as serious as leaving the lab report writing for the evening before submission. It will take you a lot of time to figure out how to do calculations and cope with the lab report concepts; a successful assignment requires a lot of your effort. A good idea is to work on the introductory part after all the other sections are almost completed. In this case, you will be aware of all the research concepts and you will know what should be included in the initial section. 

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