What Is a Case Study

Case studies can be classified into two main groups: those that give facts about existing companies, individuals, and situations, and invented ones, dealing with individuals and businesses that may exist without actually giving any real information about them.

The first group of case studies is preferable since they contain different nuances, make issues and examples more plausible, and, above all, produce real-life results.

What is a case study? A case study represents various approaches to researching a subject, which can be something connected with social science or with society in general.

A case study in any subject, for example, management case studies, could be described as a method of conducting research, a practical technique used to look at a situation as if it were happening in real life. Techniques for performing case studies suggest a deep, all-around evaluation of a particular example or occurrence, known as a case. That may allow the investigator to get a better idea of why the situation occurred in a specific way, which can be essential for some future studies.


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