Affiliate Program

Get a chance to win $1000

Dear Customer,

We have spent years working in the paper writing industry, and this is the time when we are willing to share our achievements and profits with our partners and customers.

Dear affiliates, we understand that meeting customers’ needs is not always easy. Yet, we have managed to do it, and that is why so many loyal clients enjoy working with our company. We realize that everyone will feel better and more secure in the world of academic tasks, if you recommend our services to others. On our side, we will pay good commissions to make you even more interested.

If you happen to bring your friend to our essay writing service and he/she places an order, you will get 10% from the order price. Now think that, once they get a superior quality paper from us, they will be willing to order even more. Then you will have enough funds to pay for your own papers on our website.

Refer your colleagues and friends to make profits!

We want to say “thanks” to all returning customers, who trust our service and love the way we process their most challenging tasks. We have learned that our customers recommend our services to their colleagues and friends. We want to be fair with everyone, who tries to promote our service, and this is why we have decided to create an affiliate program to encourage our friends and clients to be more active in their recommendations. Every month the best selling partners are chosen by our company; three winners have an absolutely wonderful chance to receive from $100 and up to $1000 to their account.

You will only need to add your friends’ contact details to your online profile (make sure their emails are correct), and the system will calculate your commission every time any of your contact friends places an order. 

If you need more detailed information or have any questions, please, refer to our Affiliate Program section. You are also free to contact us via our email, live chat or phone.