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Poverty is one of the biggest problems in present-day society. Although Canada is a prosperous country, one of every seven individuals currently living in this country lives in poverty. Although this phenomenon mainly affects poor strata, it is also dangerous for other social classes as it leads to crimes. Having low-income background, a person loses his or her potential being unable to fully participate in the life of the community.

Taking these points into consideration, tutors often ask their students to write poverty in Canada essays as they help not only develop their creative thinking but also fuel their conciseness, as well as make them look for efficient solutions for addressing the problem. 

Poverty is a multifaceted topic that requires thorough research work. It may seem pretty difficult to write such an essay but you should understand that a professional approach, as well as a considerable amount of time spent on the writing process, will help you achieve the desired outcome.

Before you start working on this paper, you will need to study the information from academic sources to figure out what angles of the poverty topic should be discussed. You will need to focus on relevant facts and statistics as they can become good evidence for your arguments. To find a great solution to the problem, one should understand its causes. As for the main causes of poverty in Canada, one should mention global economic recession, mass termination, lack of education, as well as some natural hazards. To write interesting poverty in Canada essay, you will need to pick up a subject that is relevant and clear. The choice of your topic depends on the type of essay you are supposed to write. For example, when you are writing a compare and contrast essay, you will need to compare two reasons for poverty focusing on their degrees of importance.


How to Write a Poverty in Canada Essay?

Before you start working on your essay, we highly recommend you study some well-written samples as they will help you understand what ideas can be discussed in your paper. Pay attention that you are not allowed to copy anything from these samples because your essay should be unique and authentic. 

To make your poverty in Canada essay engaging from the very first lines, we highly recommend you start from alarming statistics. In particular, you will need to inform your reader about how many people in Canada are poor and how this status influences their lives. Pay attention that such an essay should not be based on your personal perception unless you are supposed to tell about your own poverty experience. 

Below, you will find a couple of practical tips that will enable you to come up with good-looking poverty in Canada essay:

  1. Choose a good topic. This secret may seem pretty obvious. Nevertheless, you should know that a good topic is a particularly important requirement for writing a worthy essay. The best topics are always interesting, relevant, and clear;
  2. Mind your formatting. Even the best essay will not bring you a good grade if it is poorly formatted. Therefore, we highly recommend you study the guidelines of the formatting style requested by your tutor thoroughly as they will help you put the citations, reference list, and the general layout of your paper in an appropriate way;
  3. Use the most credible academic sources. If you use information that is outdated, your paper will lack credibility. The statistics are changing with every new year, thus it is particularly important to put the most relevant data into your paper;
  4. Follow the traditional structure and use good transitions. In accordance with the traditional structure, your essay should include an engaging introduction, a detailed main body, and a strong conclusion in your paper. When moving from one paragraph to another, you should use appropriate transitions as they will make your writing smooth and coherent;
  5. Create an outline. Although many students do not recognize the importance of an outline, you should know that it is particularly important for organizing your ideas in a logical order.

We assure you that by following our suggestions, you will be able to turn simple poverty in Canada essay into a great masterpiece.

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Interesting Ideas for Writing a Poverty Essay

If you are lacking brilliant ideas for writing your essay, you just need to have a look at the ideas provided below and they will help you figure out what subjects need thorough analysis:

  • Discuss the benefits that should be provided to families living in poverty;
  • Analyze the main factors leading to impoverished conditions;
  • Analyze the relationship between the low-income levels and drug use;
  • Evaluate some of the welfare reform acts;
  • Discuss the impact of poverty on student’s educational performance;
  • Analyze the main similarities and differences between poverty rates in two Canadian cities;
  • Child poverty in Canada essay: causes and consequences.
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